Postsaver Pro-Wrap Standard (Fits 3x4 and 4x4 posts)

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SKU: 1757-postsaver-pro-wrap-standard-fits-3x4-and-4x4-posts
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  • The Ultimate Choice - Postsaver Pro-Wrap’s are an innovative rot protection system that's totally unique. Proven & independently tested by the BRE, this fence cover provides 100% rot protection to wooden posts & impressively extends their life by up to 20 years. Over 10M+ sold!
  • Dual-Layer Rot Prevention Technology - This fence protector utilizes a dual-barrier system that creates a water & airtight seal to the post. This seal then permanently locks out moisture, oxygen & fungi, the primary causes of post decay.
  • Easy Application - This post protection sleeve fits 3x3” to 4x4" (75x75mm to 100x100mm) square and 3 to 5" (75 to 125mm) round posts. Simply wrap around the post’s ground-line, apply heat using a hot air gun or gas blowtorch & it’s ready to install! Be sure to check the package for simple instructions.
  • 20-Year Guarantee - Postsaver Pro-Wrap’s wood protector is independently tested by the BRE with over 20+ years of outstanding results! Postsaver offers a 20-year post replacement guarantee on any UC4 timber post with our wrap applied correctly.
  • 26 Years of Innovation & Heritage - Founded on years of extensive developement and testing, Postsaver is committed to creating premium products that make fencing easier, faster, and longer-lasting, ensuring long-life posts & hassle-free installation + maintenance.
  • Suitable for use with fence post concrete